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Meet Cassandra

Welcome to my page! I'm so grateful that you have come to check out Aiming for Alignment. My name is Cassandra and I'm a nutrition and wellness student at University of New Hampshire. I am a certified IIN Holistic Health Coach and ACE personal trainer. 

Ever since I was young, eating well and exercising regularly were things that were important to me. Body-image issues and disordered eating were reoccurring issues in my life, especially when I stopped competing in sports full-time. I struggled internally for years until I realized how I could help myself. By helping others.

I want to help people create a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable. Eating food to nourish your body, but also understanding that there is no "good" or "bad" food. Life is about balance.


We only have one body, we should learn to love and cherish it. 

It is time for you to focus on your health and wellness. Let me help you!

you do not just wake up and become the butterfly. growth is a process. 

- Rupi Kaur

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